Circus School in Chichester 

We are excited to be launching Dance Cirque in Chichester. 

Benefits of Dance Cirque classes include:

Build strength & flexibility

Improved hand eye coordination

Improved gross motor skills

Improved mental focus

Gain confidence

This is an amazing opportunity for children of all ages to learn new skills.  Classes include interactive circuits, Aerial silks, Lyra, trapeze, juggling, hula hoops, and more, all under the supervision of our fully qualified teachers  in a  fun safe environment.

Great for both boys and girls -  Students work through level cards meaning everyone can progress at their own pace with no pressure but always with a sense of achievement. 

Your child will experience a fun class where they will learn new skills whilst developing their balance, co-ordination strength and flexibility.

 All this whilst gaining confidence and making new friends.

Our professional teachers will safely guide them through the syllabus 

Acro and circus are best friends, so if you are already attending one of our Acrobatic Arts-based classes, our Dance Cirque class will not only help with Acro, but when combined, you will see their  skills skyrocket!



Run away with the Circus 
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